Custom made kitchens from natural wood, chipboard,
medium-density fiberboard - MDF
Desired custom made modern,high quality kitchens, from natural wood
Development of custom made kitchen from MDF

Production of custom made kitchens

You need a good quality kitchen? Why risk it?

By years of experience and creativity in the production of furniture, we can transform your wishes to reality. If you have an idea what kind of kitchen you want, be assured that we can turn it into a finished product. But if you have no idea, we can offer one or more variations and it is completely free.

Custom made kitchens, that we produce, are made from high quality wood, without knots (CPC material). The wood that is used in production, is dried in a professional computerized condensation dryers, designed exclusively for that purpose.
Special attention is given to the precise joining and bonding of kitchen cabinets, which guarantees a long life of your kitchen.

Special attention is given to precise joining and gluing of the kitchen cabinets which guarantees long life expectancy of your kitchen, and ensures that it always looks fresh.

Kitchen painting is done in a professional dye house, in color which you choose. Painting is done by applying three coats of paint, and between each applying, grinding is done.

Each of our kitchen is going through all these processes, resulting in a functional modern kitchen, well-built, long life, and transforms your cooking into a game.

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